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Happy International Women's Day - Get Inspired By Amazing Women

Wednesday 8th March 2017 marks International Women's Day (IWD) and the internet is flooded with great stories of women from around the world who have achieved great things. And quite rightly so, because as a gender females are still not treated equally or recognised for their greatness. 

What is International Women’s Day all about? 

It is said that IWD was started to help raise the issue of gender inequality and for women to be recognised as a significant equal gender. 

For women the 'confidence gap' I always talk about still exists, in the workplace men still have the lead, in politics the number of men far outweigh women. Even in women’s education, globally, there remains an unfair gap between the genders. Not to mention that violence towards women is still much higher than that of men. Is it any wonder that so many women lack the true confidence they need to stand up and be treated as equals? 

I think women are making tremendous progress BUT the gap between gender equality is still incredibly large and we need to close it. 

International Women’s Day is about bringing women together across the world to help others recognise the inequalities still faced by women – It is also a celebration of the achievements of women who achieved great things despite these barriers.

The reality is the gender gap exists and it won't close on it's own. IWD is a day that helps bring that female energy into a collective force, we are stronger when we stand together - and together we can do great things. 

How will you celebrate IWD? And what would you like to see happen in the next 5-years? 

In Celebration Of Inspirational Women Day 

I think it's only fitting to share a note today to thank all the amazing, inspiring women who have supported the Roberta Style Lee Podcast and shared their inspirational stories. 

Get Inspired By Women In Business, Women With Ideas, Women Doing Good...

The women on my podcast are amazing and you are simply missing out by not tuning in. I've done the hard work and hustled to get these extraordinary women onto my show so you can tap into the fierce female force which exists around the globe.  You can listen and learn from these ladies who are doing incredible things. They share their tips and tricks for success - they talk about what it is that makes them tick and how they deal with the difficult times too. It's not all a bed of roses and this isn't a podcast designed to promote their business or ideas - it's about their stories as women following their dreams. 

Real Authentic Women Who Care

These ladies on my show are real, authentic and give a damn about making a difference. So if you care about doing good - then you'll love the series. We have the opportunity to learn so much from other women, if we just take the time to listen. Check out the trailer here on Youtube - these women are from around the globe, this isn't just a London thing. 

I am so lucky to have the opportunity to interview and make friends with so many kick-ass women - it is their energy and commitment to getting things done that continues to inspire me to the best coach, stylist, podcast host and business woman that I can be. 

Life isn't perfect and it's good to know that even those that seem so successful still have to cope with the same struggles as the rest of us! 

Subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes, Youtube or Soundcloud. You can find all the links here: 

Happy International Women's Day! 

Stay Fab!

Roberta :-) 

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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

My HydraFacial Review at Radiance MediSpa - My Search For Clearer Skin

In my twenties I had my first acne outbreak - then my smooth porcelain looking dolls face started to look more like lumpy pizza dough. To say I had confidence issues with my skin was an understatement. I've actually taken it for granted having good skin over the past 10-years, until recently when I got another outbreak. Here I am mid-thirties with bad skin - again...

I was lucky enough to be invited by the award winning Radiance Medispa in Exeter come in and try out their HydraFacial treatment. After an initial consultation with Katie (the owner) I was advised that a chemical peel would be best, but due to my schedule (and not being able to lay low for a few days) the next best thing would be a HydraFacial. 

I scored the facial and Radiance MediSpa a combined 4.5 stars out of 5. Check out the rest of my review to find out more. 

My Skin Concerns

My concerns were that my skin was now scarred, blemished uneven and that here I am a confidence coach and now I am batting issues with my own appearance.  I expressed how fed-up I am of needing to wear a full face of foundation, I know I have to do more videos on social media, but until my skin calms down I'm just not comfortable doing it. 

After hearing my concerns Katie recommended that I try the HydroFacial Treatment as shown below. 

My Radiance MediSpa HydraFacial Experience

Here's What I Considered Whilst Scoring Radiance Based On The Treatment And Venue

Was The Hydro Facial Treatment Suitable For A Busy Woman? 

Definitely - it took just 45-minutes to do and it combined over 4 different treatments which included extraction and rejuvenation. 

What Was The Location & Accessibility of Radiance MediaSpa Like?

As for the location of radiance Medispa it couldn’t be more convenient for Exeter locals. It has a secure private underground parking area that allows clients to move out of the Spa and into their car without being seen.

The venue itself is beautiful, the staff are super polite, helpful and friendly and the treatment rooms and reception area are kept clean and stylish. It's very welcoming and is bright and airy.

Does the Radiance MediSpa Operate Ethical & Sustainably / Are The Products Sourced Ethical & Sustainably? 

This is a tricky one - because we know that the type of treatment required for the damage I have done to my skin over the past 23 years, isn’t going to be that gentle. I knew that the origin of the chemicals and the information about where it all comes from would be harder to ascertain.

There is a time for organic free-from chemicals, but in this instance a little bit of the 80/20 rule had to be applied. I opted for process and chemicals because I wanted to see fast results. That’s the truth. For longer term maintenance I would look at less abrasive chemical based treatments - but in order renew my skin and that means the first layer has to go! For this type of treatment I would need to be either in Exeter for longer or get a treatment done near me in North London. 

What Were The Ingredients Used For The Hyrda Facial? 

All of the ingredients used are chemical based and I am not 100% sure of the origins of the products or how they are sourced (however I knew that going for this type of treatment was going to take me outside of my usual preferences). 

Did Radiance MediSpa & The HydraFacial Treatment Make Me Feel Good?

Well the treatment itself was very pleasant and my therapist Charlie was very lovely. She performs these on a daily basis so she knows her stuff. 

I have to say that Radiance Medispa is a very relaxing place AND very private. I felt immediately at ease and every step of the process was fully explained to me. I felt good about investing in myself and finally taking action to achieve  better skin. 

Immediately after the treatment my skin was noticeable more glowing and the texture felt wonderful. Even without my make-up on, I felt unusually more confident bare faced!

A few days afterwards it hit me though - a full on pizza style outbreak just before New Years Eve. I don’t know why I am always surprised post-facials to have outbreaks. I always do and I always seem to forget every time I try a new one. I guess if I was more consistent with facials my skin would adapt and I would get the benefits. A lesson is in here somewhere… 

What Are The Radiance Medi-Spa Company Values Like?

It’s a family owned business, set up by Dr Roz a very successful female entrepreneur who I have had the pleasure of spending some time with over the past couple of years. The staff are very well looked after and they are very focused on great customer care. Radiance are in the business of helping people (men and women) look and feel good. And they do a really good job at it. 

Cost Vs Value

The treatment was offered to me for free - I am told that for best results you would need to have for a course of 6 hydra-facials. After just one treatment it is hard for me to say whether the cost V value is worth it - my instinct tells me that the facial is worth the money. 

HydraFacial’s are available across the UK though, so you wouldn’t need to list Radiance in Exeter to get a treatment, although if you are ever in Devon I would recommend it as the spa environment there is worth the effort to visit. 

Obviously everyone reacts differently to treatments and I'm not a skin specialist - I can just tell you about my experience and whether I think the treatment, staff and venue get my vote. I'm a pretty tough person to please because I don't just rate the product or treatment - I look at the bigger picture.  I am however please to say that Radiance gets a wonderful 4.5 stars out of 5 stars from me. Thank you Radiance for inviting me in to test out the treatment! 

The 1/2 star knocked off is purely down to the whole ethics and sustainability thing and staff not knowing much about the origins of the chemicals within the facial itself. I wasn't expecting them to - and to be honest this is just me comparing Radiance's business values and ethics against my own.

I hope this review was helpful - if it was please leave a comment below :-) If you watched the Youtube video please leave a thumbs up and a comment if the video was helpful - and if it wasn't please mention what you'd like to see more of in the next ones. 

Thanks for reading! 

Roberta x

Resources & Extra Reading

***March 2017 Update*****

I have to say after my facial I did get an outbreak which is quite normal for me following any interference to my usual low key routine l - so it's kind of hard to give a definitive view on whether the Hydra Facial is good for someone like me with acne prone skin, unless I try out a full course. I must admit that I have had a range of issues that could have triggered an outbreak so it's really not fair to blame it on the facial, I think it was coincidence. 

After having my treatment as Radiance I am now really keen to test out Dr Oz products and try a chemical peel as this is what Katie initially recommended, but I didn't have the time.  So let's see what happens over 2017 - which I am coining the year for my face. I want to be acne free and have super beautiful skin again by the time I am 36! 

Keep an eye out for my next Confidence & Beauty Review Installment... #RSLReviews 

Monday, 6 March 2017

3 Tactics For Leaving A Clothes Swapping Event Feeling Happy

Finally… I attended a clothes swapping party organised by nlwa and actually ended up taking home 3 things I liked. Normally I take beautiful things to swap, then leave disappointed and empty handed. This time I bagged myself 3-great items that I hope to get many wears out of. The main thing for me was I attended with a different mindset - I took great quality things that I hoped would make someone else happy and had no expectations to get 10 items for myself. For me, this event whilst still lacking the 'luxe' factor you get when you go to a pre-loved boutique, yet it was the most fun I have had on a Sunday afternoon in ages.

3 Tactics For A Happy Swish Swap Party 

  • It's not just about clothes - be social and chat to the people there. All the people I met were kind and lovely, creative and genuinely interested in being being more sustainable - they saw the value in these swapping events instead of buying new. So I realised that these little get togethers are also great for finding like minded individuals to connect with.  

  • Get involved in the activities. I attended a workshop that showed us mere mortals who don’t know how to use a sewing machine properly, learn how to be creative with old T-shirts and socks! It was all using scissors and a little hand stitching - during my time making a T-shirt bag I ended up getting friendly with the lady next to me who I gave my extra buttons to at the end as she found more items that I did. It was nice to be able to do something nice for someone no strings (or should I say buttons) attached.

  • Patience is key! I noticed women picking up 10-15 items and hoarding a lot of the clothes, taking it to the changing rooms and then only towards the end of the event putting half of it back. I picked up only 2 things that I thought would fit - I saw a black leather skirt in the hands of a fellow shwopper which was the only thing I saw that I wanted.  So I just had to wait it out and see if it went back on the rail - and it did. My tactic of waiting until the end worked. 

My Swish Swap Shopping Bargains...

1. Whistles Lambs Leather Wrap Midi Skirt - Sooooo in love with this ❤️- teamed with lace and baroque detailed pumps.
2. A Selfridges Red & Black Lantern Skirt Dress - worn with my trusty black leather belt & black suede pumps. 
3. A Pair of High Waisted Guess Designer Collaboration Pair of Shorts - lace top and baroque pumps (but would probably wear black ankle boots with these for a more casual look) 

Why Would A Stylist Like Me Be Interested In A Swish and Style Party?

When I started to realise the truth behind fast fashion and that I was contributing to part of the problem  I became more interested in being more sustainable. I then started to look at using more of what I already own - and up-cycling, or I prefer the word re-styling as up-cycling makes me think of a person walking around in a coat made out of carrier bag or crisp packets. The thing about sustainable and ethical fashion is it has a bad rep of being a bit hippie looking and un-stylish. In any many ways that’s true - a lot of it is still stuck in the unaestheticly pleasingly category.  For me, I wanted to discover a few new tips and learn some tricks to make more of what I have - I love being creative and less wasteful - but I also care about how I present myself to the word. So style & sustainability need to be in equal measures for me. 

I will be 100% honest - there is a lot of ugly clothing out there made from recycled materials that I wouldn’t be seen dead in. That’s why resourcefulness, creativity and style has to work together.  We can all be crafty and make stuff or re-use things… but what a lot of people lack is ability to turn the ugly into the elegant - and make an outfit that makes people go WOW not OH NO!  And this is an area where I know I can help...

Need some guidance on a wardrobe re-style or building a capsule collection? Just head to my website and send me a message  I'd love to help you out. 

Interested In Trying A Swish Party For Yourself?

The NLWA (North London Waste Authority) have a few more events registered for March 2017:

Saturday 11th March 12.30 – 3pm Leytonstone United Free Church, 55 Wallwood Road, Waltham Forest, E11 1AY 
Sunday 12th March 12.30 – 3pm
Johnston Hall, St Marys, Upper Street, Islington, N1 2TX 
Saturday 25th March 12.30 – 3pm The Brewhouse, 369-370 Helmsley Place, Hackney, E8 3SB 
Sunday 26th March 12.30 - 3pm Studio 5, Jackson Lane, 269A Archway Road, Haringey, N6 5AA

I believe there will be free clothes fixing and up-cycling workshops at these events too. So it's worth checking out. 
For more information, visit

If you are interested in learning more about sustainable styling head over to and grab a copy of my FREE personal styling E-Book!  

And don't forget, everything feels better with a smile and some style! 

Stay fab

Roberta x 

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Monday, 27 February 2017

3 Things You Can Do To Beat Overwhelm And Boost Your Confidence

3 Tips For Beating Overwhelm

The trouble with survival in today's society, especially in the western world is that we are bombarded with information and too many things to do - every damn day. It won't stop and it's unlikely its going to get any better either. Enter overwhelm. Not a word we like to use, let alone confess that we are held hostage to it. Overwhelm saps your energy and is counter productive for building your confidence.  If you want to feel more confident, it starts with competence - and that right there is what overwhelm and procrastination get's in the way of.  This feels like we are being pulled in too many directions and it's just too difficult to stay focused. It happens to the best of us - me included. And when it all get's to much, I hit the 're-boot' button and that looks a little something like this: 

3 Tips To Tackle Overwhelm

1. Shut The Door On The Noise And Be Still 

I start by finding at least 5 minutes to just sit (or take a walk) to be still and process my thoughts and sift through my upcoming day. Even if you have to shut yourself in the bathroom away from the chaos of family life. It's so important to sit and BREATHE - and practice circular breathing. In through the nose and out through the mouth. Close your eyes and take a few moments to re-charge (do this daily - and yes this is a form of meditation, it's a modified version for creating calm space in an overcrowded mind - when you have minimal time!).

2. Defeat Overwhelm By Minimising Distractions 

I switch off from distractions and the noise. No TV, no smart phone, no social media notifications. Shut out anything and anything that isn't related to your top 3 (and no more) tasks for each day. Which brings me onto point 3...

3. Beat Overwhelm By Recognising, Prioritising and Preparing 

I write down 3 things that I did well at the end of the day - I actually congratulate myself on doing them. This form of self-recognitition actually helps put the wind back in your sails. If you achieve 3 tasks daily and keep on top of your top 3, every day this build up a continuos set of competency based behaviours that gives you the confidence to keep going! 

Then before I sleep - I write down the top 3 things that I need to get done the next day. No more than 3-things. Then in the morning I prioritise these 3-things and start working through them. 

Keep On Top Of The Chaos 

After a few weeks you'll be surprised what 5-10 minutes of being still, doing less, prioritising and using the power of 3 to run your day - and of course  positive reinforcement can do for your confidence and wellbeing. You let go of all of the little things that were just fluff taking up your time and offering no real value in exchange for your time and energy. 

Take It Even Further 

Start to introduce exercise and mindful eating and your life will be transformed. When you start to invest in yourself the returns are amazing. So what are you waiting for? Start putting yourself first and telling yourself YOU ARE WORTH IT. 

Create Your Own Formula For Unstoppable Confidence

An overlooked but extremely powerful tool is your own appearance. Getting dressed up in smarter attire for work for example, whether at work in your home office or for a busy day at the office - is actually proven to have a positive psychological impact. Studies have shown that those dressed in business attire outperformed those who turned up in jeans and a t-shirt when they compared productivity on a dress-down Friday. Not always the case with all individuals, but something to consider if it could make a difference to the way you behave for the better. 

Why not use the power of a confident mindset and clothing to get you set up for the best possible day and transform your mood from: "I don't want to" and flip it into "I can do this". It's truly amazing what a confident attitude and personal style can do for your life. 

Making this change a reality can be overwhelming though - so that's why when I work with clients we take small steps and create a bespoke package which works specifically for them. I give my clients the support they need to build their true confidence from the inside out. Every session is different and it's not an overnight process - confidence is something that is built up over time. Overwhelm is something that is minimised over time. Personal style is something you embody over a period of time - working with a coach is the fastest way to super-boost the process, in a structured, time and cost efficient way. 

I offer free consultations - so if you are interested in finding out more please head to my website for a no obligation to buy chat. I'd love to see if I could help you out.

Have a great day! 

Roberta x 

Monday, 20 February 2017

9 Totally Legit Reasons To Hire A Stylist

Roberta Style Lee - 9 Reasons To Work With A Stylist

Do you think of personal stylist and think of celeb culture or does the idea of an image consultant conjure up an 80's style dowdy middle-aged woman with a questionable outfit on, wavering around swatches of colours telling you that you're cool autumn and a lollipop? 

Stylists and Image consultants 

Well, whatever you think about personal styling, you're probably right - stylists and image consultants despite being representative of a positive image - ironically have quite a bad image when it comes to the average populations perception of them! 

So here's what I am doing - I'm trying to remove that negative image of dowdiness - I am a 35 year old woman and you don't see me in pastel twin sets dressing like my nan at a christening. Instead I am embracing my own personal style and throwing this 'age-appropriate' blooming rule book out the window. I will dress in whatever I please thank you! As long as it's appropriate for me, my body shape and what I am doing - who cares about my bloody age? 

Here Are 9 Totally Legit Reasons For Investing In Support From A Personal Stylist:

  1. You are a busy successful women who wants to eliminate stress and save time!
  2. You feel like your wardrobe doesn't have a particular style or represent who you are.
  3. You need a confidence boost and your current wardrobe isn't making you feel fantastic enough. 
  4. You have a wardrobe full of clothes yet still face the 'I have nothing to wear dilemma' almost every time you need to go out.
  5. You've recently lost weight and you're still wearing the same type of clothes you used to 'cover up' in.
  6. You've got a special event coming up and you want to feel great and know you look fantastic.
  7. You've decided to invest in a capsule collection but have no idea where to begin. 
  8. You've got no idea about your body shape, the best materials, colours, necklines or hemlines that truly flatter your frame.  
  9. You are interested in becoming more socially and environmentally aware of the impact of fashion - we call this sustainable styling - yet you don't know where to start! 

Style Matters 

Then next step is making personal styling less of luxury but more or a empowerment tool for women who want to be the #BOSS of their lives. Clothing speaks volumes, it can change your mood, your productivity levels, others people's perception of you - and your own perception of yourself. 

Getting your style stakes sorted is no joke if you mean business. It will be one of the best, unexpected investments you'll ever make that will last you a lifetime. 

The UK's Bad Fashion Habits

There's a big taboo about styling like it's not meant for everyday women and reserved for celebrities and those with a lot of money. Personal styling is an investment just like every other self development service out there. The 2016 Oxfam press release(1) that discusses the survey findings that reveal that UK's clothing habits. It's pretty shocking - with adults admitting to only wearing 44% of the clothing they own regularly. There is a clear need for some wardrobe assistance especially when half of the nation have admitted to experiencing wardrobe rage (irrational emotional outburst relating to overwhelm and not knowing what clothes to wear of how to wear them). 

Working With A Stylist 

If you work with a stylist you'll understand how to buy items that last longer and that you'll actually wear. Like all things in life, the stuff that worth doing doesn't always come cheap but the investment pays off in the long term. Why would you want to continue to live life with each waking morning filled with dread - 'what to wear' tantrums and a tonne of clothes you don't wear cluttering up your bedroom and head-space. 

Getting Started With Sustainable Styling 

You can get started on your new you, new wardrobe today with my FREE e-Book containing my Top 10 personal style tips to help you look good and feel good. 

Everything feels better with a smile & some style. Stay fab ladies!

Roberta x 

Empowering women form the inside out! 
Head on over to my website and take a look around!